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Welcome to the Tolley's of Devon

This Web Site has been devised by Phillip Tolley to celebrate the Tolley name within Devon, England and to provide a source of historic and genealogical information on the family name and personalities. 

with thanks and acknowledgement to contributors, both direct and in-direct, who have help to expand this information resource (some of whom have turned out to be distant cousins)


Edith May Tolley born 1885 Stonehouse, PlymouthErnest Tolley born 1899 Bow and Eva Tolley (nee Taylor)

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The alternate spellings of 'Tolley' and 'Tolly' are interchangeable - I have found the same family members listed under both spellings. For commonality I have used the spelling which includes the 'e'. Other variants include Tollye, Tolleigh, Tolliegh and Tolle

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Information and enquiries should be sent to philliptolley@colcanto.co.uk

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A wider view of the Tolley family and its wider relations can be found at http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/29215091/family/familyview