Name: Phillip Tolley  
DOB: 13 January 1955  
Place of Birth: RAF Honington, Suffolk.  
Occupations: Auctioneers Assistant, classical singer, Civil Servant
Father Ernest James Tolley (1931)  
Mother Nellie Beatrice May Tolley (nee Evans).  
Spouse (1) Karen Brash from Pembrokeshire  Married 1 Apr 1978
Children James Alexander Owen Tolley Born 29 Sep 1980 in Exeter
  Christopher Simon Tolley Born 5 June 1982 in Exeter
Spouse (2) Eileen Job Bennett (nee Davies) Married 3 Sep 1994
Step Children Mark Douglas Hollands Married Kylie Davies
  Jonathan M Hollands Married Countess Stephanie Vom Hagen
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